Thursday, May 18, 2017

Announcing the Two-Way Prayer Team

We're pleased to announce a new way that you can become involved in our missions work.

We're calling it the "Two-Way" Prayer team, because we wanted to assemble a team of people who are committed to pray for us on the missions field, just as we are also committing to praying for you in the Home-Mission field.

Most missionaries have a "Prayer Card" which often makes it on fridges of people who are thinking about them and supporting them as a reminder to people to pray. As a part of the Two-Way team, we'll actually be thinking about you and praying for you. Your "Prayer Card" will be printed and kept in our home on the missions field.

These photos serve a couple purposes. First, they serve us as reminders to pray for you. Second, as people come to visit our homes, we can use your photos as a touchpoint to talk about the believers in the USA who are also praying for them.

To this team, we'll be sending email updates, messages on Facebook, and plan to call them about once a quarter to get updates about how to pray for them as well.

Click this link to sign up: Two Way Prayer Team

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